Fearless Vision

2018 Annual Report

From the Chair

Dear Friends,

I continue to be humbled and honored to serve as the chair of the University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences during an era of unprecedented growth, innovation and impact. Fearlessness is at the core of everything we do. This theme reflects our researchers’ undeterred efforts to translate discovery into action, so that all can live with functional sight. It highlights the new ways we educate our learners who will care for eyes tomorrow. Our patients personify this theme daily while navigating life with vision challenges with courage, grace and resolve. In this 2018 annual report, you will read compelling stories from our patients, researchers, learners, clinicians, administrators, and educators. These examples illustrate a determination to push beyond what is expected to achieve success in multiple forms.

A partial summary of those triumphs is on this site:

In collaboration with you and with each other, we have forged new channels for discovery, patient care, and education at every turn. Should you have thoughts on how we can better serve our community, please feel free to contact me at any time.

It is with your unwavering support and enthusiasm that we are able to fearlessly accomplish the sightsaving work that we do — thank you!

On, Wisconsin!

Terri L. Young, MD, MBA, FARVO
Chair, UW–Madison Department of Ophthalmology
Peter A. Duehr Endowed Professor of Ophthalmology, Pediatrics and Medical Genetics


By The Numbers

Our researchers, clinicians, educators and learners are at the forefront of saving sight locally and beyond — see their impact on stopping the progression of blinding diseases.

30 Clinical Trials

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45+ Million in Funding

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Patient Care

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